Webswitch.tk Removal Tips

Webswitch.tk is a browsers hijacker which changes your home page and default search engine the minute it infiltrates your system. The application is compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome and thus the users cannot avoid the software by choosing another browser.

In addition to changed settings, the hijacker also performs other irritating and dangerous activities. We recommend to read this article in order to find out why the intruder can became a real danger to your system and how to delete webswitch.tk.


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What does webswitch.tk do?

Just like any other hijacker out there, webswitch.tk changes browsers’ settings to control your search result. Since its main goal is to direct traffic to the sponsored pages, it should not surprise you that application attempts to provide the user with as many opportunities to click predetermined links as possible. For this reason, the search results presented by webswitch.tk will always be mixed with additional links and displayed next to numerous advertisements. Ads, just like sponsored links, can route you to sponsored websites which we advise to avoid at all cost. Unfortunately, the promoted third parties are completely unknown and thus cannot be trusted. Besides, it is a well known fact that hijackers are often exploited by cyber criminals. An encounter with hackers certainly would not end well to your system and thus we advise to remove webswitch.tk.

Browser hijackers are mostly distributed alongside freeware or shareware which means that it is possible that webswitch.tk is not the only unwanted program in your system. This deceptive marketing method is called ‘bundling’ and is used to monetize free downloads. If you often acquire free of charge software form unofficial or even untrustworthy pages, you need to learn how to be more careful during the installation process. First of all, you should choose Advanced or Custom option. Also, do not forget to read the End User License Agreement in which you should look for the boxes that announce additional programs. When you see these boxes, deselect them so that undesirable software would not able to infiltrate the system. Of course, since you are reading this article, you probably already have such application in your PC. If that is the case, remember these advices for the future and now eliminate webswitch.tk.

How to remove webswitch.tk?

It is not possible to terminate webswitch.tk via Control Panel. However, you can uninstall webswitch.tk, if you reset your browsers. Bellow this article we prepared detailed instructions on how to proceed with webswitch.tk removal. Although this process is not difficult, you should also consider automatic option. If you install a legitimate anti-spyware, it would take care of webswitch.tk removal for you.

Delete webswitch.tk

Internet Explorer

  • Open your browser and press Alt+T.
  • Choose Internet Options and click on the Advanced tab.
  • Click Reset and check Delete personal settings.
  • Tap the Reset button again.

Google Chrome

  • Launch Google Chrome and tap Alt+F.
  • Open Settings and click Show Advanced settings.
  • Press Reset browser settings and click Reset.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Start your browser and click Alt+H.
  • Access Troubleshooting Information and press Reset Firefox.
  • When the dialog box appears, click Reset Firefox once more.

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  • Paul

    none of the anti malware programs is able to remove the stamplive adware from my computer. I’m afraid the only solution will be to go back to factory settings.

  • Les

    I had price minus ads popping up often in all webpages.It was driving me nuts.! I removed an extension from my browser (Firefox). I started deleting the extensions that I knew were not vital. And no more popups! I do have a couple of malware programs, and they too failed to remove these ads. But removing the extensions from Firefox + the add-ons section its what did the trick! I also did the same thing to google chrome browser, I deleted some add-ons, and extensions as well.


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