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MASetupCleaner.exe Removal Tips

MASetupCleaner.exe is legitimate process developed by Samsung Kies. The users can look for this file in C:WindowsSystem32MASetupCleaner.exe or C:WindowsSysWOW64MASetupCleaner.exe. While this executable is certainly not malicious, some users are concerned about it.

We recommend to read this article in order to find out more about this file and to determine, if you wish to remove MASetupCleaner.exe from your computer.


What does MASetupCleaner.exe do?

As we already explained, MASetupCleaner.exe enters your computer together with Samsung Kies and is completely trustworthy. However, if you noticed that your computer’s performance worsened at the same time this file appeared, you should scan your PC. This may happen, if you installed Samsung Kies from the third parties’ website and it entered your computer together with adware, hijacker, or some other pottetnially unwanted application. If that is the case, then it is easy to explain the poorer work of your PC and you do not need to remove MASetupCleaner.exe, since it is unrelated to your problems. Instead you should scan your entire system with a reputable anti-spyware and remove the offending application.

If you acquired software from the official website, then we can assure you that the application and the process are safe. However, you may get alert from your firewall, because MASetupCleaner.exe is designated to connect to the Internet. If that occurs, you still do not need to get rid of MASetupCleaner.exe right away. You should scan your PC with an anti-malware just to make sure that the alert does not indicate malware problem. According to our researchers, this file is safe and it connects to the Internet in order to keep Samsung Kies updated. However, it is possible that some malware sneaked into your system and stole the file’s name. If that is the case, you should erase MASetupCleaner.exe at once. The same recommendation applies, if you do not remember installing Smasung Kies, because it means that the process is not trustworthy. However, if your anti-malware did not find anything suspicious and if you voluntarily downloaded Samsung Kies, you do not need to rush and remove MASetupCleaner.exe.

One more reason, you can be bombarded with alerts about this file is Samsung Kies removal. Your PC may ask you if you want to start MASetupCleaner.exe, even though the programs is no longer on startup. Click Start and enter msconfig. Choose the program and move to Startup tab. Then disable the unwanted software from your system.

How to remove MASetupCleaner.exe?

If you determined that this file is not a threat, you do not need to uninstall MASetupCleaner.exe. Of course, if the scan showed that there is a malware in your PC and you are sure that the process is associated with it, you must delete MASetupCleaner.exe. We advise to employ a legitimate computer security application and use it to delete MASetupCleaner.exe from your computer.

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  • Paul

    none of the anti malware programs is able to remove the stamplive adware from my computer. I’m afraid the only solution will be to go back to factory settings.

  • Les

    I had price minus ads popping up often in all webpages.It was driving me nuts.! I removed an extension from my browser (Firefox). I started deleting the extensions that I knew were not vital. And no more popups! I do have a couple of malware programs, and they too failed to remove these ads. But removing the extensions from Firefox + the add-ons section its what did the trick! I also did the same thing to google chrome browser, I deleted some add-ons, and extensions as well.


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