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HQ Video Pro Removal Instructions

HQ Video Pro is an advertising supported application developed by Kimahari Software Inc. Be aware that this program can be installed under randomly generated names like HQ-Video 2.5, HQ-Video 1.1, HQ-Video 6.0, and some other.

The different names ensure that it is quite difficult to detect this adware unless you know what exactly you are looking for. Even though it is supposed to enrich your video viewing experience, it does not fulfill its promises. Instead it installs extensions to your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox browsers and starts displaying HQ Video Pro ads constantly. If you have this adware in your PC, we advise to remove HQ Video Pro right away.


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What does HQ Video Pro do?

Usually, this adware is distributed with fake installers. If on some random website you are offered to download a video player or some similar software, you should ignore the suggestion. Know that pottetnially unwanted applications and sometimes even malware are spread in this clandestine manner. To be safe when downloading freeware, you should use only the official websites or at least be very careful during the installation procedure. Do not leave your computer’s security to chance and stop the suspicious applications from infiltrating your system.

The HQ Video Pro program is very closely associated with Jollywallet advertising supported application. As a result, if you know that the former is in your system, chances are that you have the second adware too. These two undesirable programs ensure that you are presented with numerous coupons, in-text ads, pop-ups, discounts, banners, etc. no matter what window you open. While most users complain that the ads are very distracting and annoying, you should be more concerned over the fact that their sources are unknown. Since the adware is not responsible for the contents of the sponsored ads, it does not check the third parties they belong to. Therefore, every time you click the provided ad you risk entering an infected page and encountering cyber criminals. You shoudl not take such risks with your system’s safety and thus we recommend to delete HQ Video Pro and all the related programs.

How to remove HQ Video Pro?

The fact that this adware is in your computer, shows that you do not have a reliable anti-spyware or that it is outdated. A good decision would be to use this opportunity to purchase a legitimate and up-to-date computer security software and let it erase HQ Video Pro. The same security tool would be able to protect your computer after HQ Video Pro removal. Your other option is to get rid of HQ Video Pro manually. If this option is more attractive to you, you will be happy to know that we prepared detailed instructions on how to uninstall HQ Video Pro.

Delete HQ Video Pro

Windows 8

  • Tap Windows key + X simultaneously.
  • Open Control Panel.
  • Choose Uninstall a program.
  • Uninstall HQ Video Pro.

Windows 7 and Windows Vista

  • Access Start menu.
  • Click Control Panel.
  • Press Uninstall a program.
  • Choose the suspicious software.
  • Uninstall HQ Video Pro.

Windows XP

  • Click Start button and open Control Panel.
  • Tap Add or Remove Programs.
  • Select the unwanted adware.
  • Terminate HQ Video Pro.

Download Removal Toolto remove HQ Video Pro


  • Paul

    none of the anti malware programs is able to remove the stamplive adware from my computer. I’m afraid the only solution will be to go back to factory settings.

  • Les

    I had price minus ads popping up often in all webpages.It was driving me nuts.! I removed an extension from my browser (Firefox). I started deleting the extensions that I knew were not vital. And no more popups! I do have a couple of malware programs, and they too failed to remove these ads. But removing the extensions from Firefox + the add-ons section its what did the trick! I also did the same thing to google chrome browser, I deleted some add-ons, and extensions as well.


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