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Generic5.avcm Removal Tips

Generic5.avcm, also known as Adware.Generic5.avcm, is classified as an ad-supported program. It gets installed onto a computer together with other free third party software. The adware copies its files onto the hard disk. In some cases it also creates a new startup key. You can find its running process if you open your Windows Task manager.

The application can create a new folder under its own name in C:\Program Files\ or C:\ProgramData. After it successfully infiltrates your system, it will start filling up your browsers with various advertisements. If you want to get rid of them, you will have to delete Generic5.avcm.

How does Generic5.avcm work?

Generic5.avcm is compatible with all popular web browsers. It can install additional extensions or toolbars to them. These unnecessary programs slow down your browser speed for no good reason. The adware may also cause redirects to unfamiliar sites in the middle of your browsing sessions. Of course, the main problem with the software is that it displays adverts on every page that you visit. You will see pop-ups, links and banners no matter where you go online. Keep in mind that you can not trust these ads. They are not checked by anyone and could easily be fictitious. If you want to improve you online security, you should get rid of Generic5.avcm.

If you are wondering how you ended up with this unwanted application, you should think about what freeware you have recently acquired. When you download free software from sites like,, and similar, you are usually also offered to install additional programs. These are rarely beneficial to computer users which is why you should avoid them at all times. To do that you need to choose Advanced installation mode whenever you can and deselect all unfamiliar applications.

How to remove Generic5.avcm from my PC?

Keeping adware on your computer would certainly not be a good idea. The application exposes you to online threats, slows down your system and browser speed and causes unwanted interruptions. You should delete Generic5.avcm using a malware removal tool. The anti-malware can scan your system and detect all potentially harmful programs and files that are on it. You will then be able to use it to terminate Generic5.avcm and other threats. Alternative solution is to uninstall Generic5.avcm manually. Just access the installed programs list and remove Generic5.avcm.

Uninstall Generic5.avcm manually

Windows 8

  • Press Win+C and click on Settings
  • Move to Control Panel
  • Select Uninstall a program
  • Choose the adware
  • Click Uninstall

Windows 7 & Vista

  • Click on Start and open Control Panel
  • Choose Uninstall a program
  • Select the application
  • Click Uninstall

Windows XP

  • Open Start menu and click Control Panel
  • Pick Add or remove programs
  • Click on the adware
  • Select Remove

Download Removal Toolto remove Generic5.avcm


  • Paul

    none of the anti malware programs is able to remove the stamplive adware from my computer. I’m afraid the only solution will be to go back to factory settings.

  • Les

    I had price minus ads popping up often in all webpages.It was driving me nuts.! I removed an extension from my browser (Firefox). I started deleting the extensions that I knew were not vital. And no more popups! I do have a couple of malware programs, and they too failed to remove these ads. But removing the extensions from Firefox + the add-ons section its what did the trick! I also did the same thing to google chrome browser, I deleted some add-ons, and extensions as well.


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