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Android FBI Virus Removal Instructions

Android FBI Virus is a ransomware infection that can slither into your smartphone and cause serious trouble. Ransomware programs usually attack computer systems and lock their desktop. They present the user with a notification that claims that the only way to regain access to their PC is to pay the-called ransom to the cyber criminals. Android FBI Virus is not much different aside from the fact the it is targeted at mobile phones instead of computers.

What is important to keep in mind if you have this infection on your device is that you should never follow the instructions provided by the cyber criminals. Continue reading this article if you want to find out more about ransomware and how to get rid of Android FBI Virus.

Android FBI Virus-

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How does Android FBI Virus work?

As it has already been mentioned, ransomware applications are used for the sole purpose of extorting your money. They can infect your system if you visit unreliable sites, click on corrupted links or download malicious files. There are two main types of ransomware. Reveton ransomware and similar malicious programs block access to your computer and accuse you of breaking copyright laws. CryptoLocker and other similar malware, on the other hand, encrypts your files, so you can no longer open them. Both applications use scare tactics in order to persuade you into paying the ransom.

Android FBI Virus follows a similar pattern. It disguises itself as a Flash Player app. If you try opening it, you will be prompted with a request to activate it as a Device Administrator. Regardless of whether you agree to it or not, once you launch the application you will see a notification on your screen that will claim to have come from FBI. The alert will state that your device has been blocked because of the illegal content detected on it. You will then be urged to pay a release fee of $300 and threatened that if you fail to do so, you will suffer serious legal consequences. Needless to say, the message has nothing to do with the real FBI and you are actually dealing with a ransomware program created by cyber criminals. Do not waste your money on the unnecessary fee and terminate Android FBI Virus as soon as you can.

How to remove Android FBI Virus?

The sooner you get back the control over your phone and delete Android FBI Virus, the better. To do that, first of all, you need to enter Safe Mode and then uninstall Android FBI Virus. The instructions below will explain how you can complete these tasks. As for your online security, be it on your mobile device or your computer, it is important that you have a reliable malware prevention and removal tool. If you would like to check the status of your system and make sure that it is clean, you can download the free malware scanner presented on this page.

Android FBI Virus Removal

Step 1: Enter Safe Mode

  • Hold down the Power button
  • Tap and hold Power Off
  • Wait for Reboot to safe mode request
  • Choose OK and tap it

Step 2: Delete Android FBI Virus

  • Go to Settings and then Security
  • Select Device administrators
  • Tap the fake FlashPlayer app
  • Choose Deactivate
  • Go to Settings and then Apps
  • Pick and remove Android FBI Virus

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  • Paul

    none of the anti malware programs is able to remove the stamplive adware from my computer. I’m afraid the only solution will be to go back to factory settings.

  • Les

    I had price minus ads popping up often in all webpages.It was driving me nuts.! I removed an extension from my browser (Firefox). I started deleting the extensions that I knew were not vital. And no more popups! I do have a couple of malware programs, and they too failed to remove these ads. But removing the extensions from Firefox + the add-ons section its what did the trick! I also did the same thing to google chrome browser, I deleted some add-ons, and extensions as well.


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