Remove Windows Web Shield

Windows-Web-Shield- removal

Windows Web Shield Removal Instructions (Uninstall Windows Web Shield)

Windows Web Shield is a rogue anti-spyware application that is aimed at extorting your money. It enters your system, claims that it is severely infected and urges you to purchase the full version of the program in order to clean it. Needless to say, this is nothing but a scam.

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Remove Antivirus Pro 2017

antivirus pro 2017-removal

Antivirus Pro 2017 Removal Guide (Uninstall Antivirus Pro 2017)

Antivirus Pro 2017 is a rogue anti-spyware program that can easily infect your computer. The fake software gets distributed using various deceitful tactics. Once it gets access to your PC, it performs a fake scan and shows you results that claim you need to clean your system right away.

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AntiVirus Pro 2015 – How to remove


AntiVirus Pro 2015 Removal Guide

AntiVirus Pro 2015 is a new fake anti-spyware from FakeRean family. While it pretends to be a true antivirus program, the software cannot be trusted, because it was created by cyber criminals to steal your money. The goal of this application is to convince you that your computer is infected and that you need to install a full version of AntiVirus Pro 2015 to clean it.

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Remove AntiVirus Pro 2015

AntiVirus Pro 2015

AntiVirus Pro 2015 Removal Tips

AntiVirus Pro 2015 is a rogue anti-spyware application that belongs to the FakeRean family. It slithers into your system and takes various harmful actions. The software can block your programs from running and show you fake alerts claiming that those programs are infected.

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Remove System Check


What is System Check?

System Check is a fake antivirus, that enters a PC without permission and attempts to convince the user that his or her computer is infected and needs immediate help. This application is identical to a well known System Fix and belongs to the same FakeHDD family. When it enters user’s computer, the rogue will show various messages trying to prove that the system is seriously ill and that the only way to clean it is to install the full version of System Check. Of course, this whole thing is fake and you should not buy the promoted software. Instead we advise to delete System Check. Read more…

Defender Pro 2015 Removal


Defender Pro 2015 Removal Instructions

Defender Pro 2015 is a fake anti-spyware which is almost identical to Antivirus Defender 2015 and Malware Defender 2015. The infection secretly enters a new computer and attempts to convince the user that his or her system is infected with various kinds of malicious software. After a security scan, the user will be presented with a malware removal tool which is supposedly capable of fixing the system.

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Remove System Defender


System Defender Removal Guide

System Defender is a rogue anti-spyware created by cyber criminals to steal your money. You must not believe any information provided by this malware and protect your money from it. Remember that this anti-spyware is not safe and no matter how convincing the lists with the names of viruses that supposedly reside in your system may look, they are false.

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Remove VirusHeat


What is VirusHeat?

VirusHeat is a rogue anti-spyware program. It is similar to VirusProject, VirusProtectPro, and VirusBurst. All these fake antiviruses belong to the same Smitfraud family. It gets inside your computer with help from a Trojan named Zlob. As soon as it enters your PC, it starts displaying bogus system scans. We advise to remove VirusHeat immediately. Read more…

Remove Malware Defender 2015

Malware Defender 2015

What is Malware Defender 2015?

Malware Defender 2015 is a rogue anti-spyware utility that was created by cyber criminals in order to make easy profit. With the help of a fake scan the application tries to convince you that your computer has errors and infections on it and that the only way to get rid of them is to purchase its full version. This scareware is not the only one of its kind. Other programs that work in a similar manner are Spyware Defender, System Defender and Antivirus Defender. All of these applications are completely fake and if you have any of them on your PC you need to remove them right away. The same goes for Malware Defender 2015. Do not believe any information that it provides and terminate Malware Defender 2015 as soon as you can. Read more…

Remove Fake AdwCleaner


Fake AdwCleaner Removal Tips (Remove Fake AdwCleaner)

Fake AdwCleaner is a rogue version of a popular anti-spyware application called AdwCleaner. Once it enters your computer, it shows you fictitious scan results in order to scam you into wasting your money on it. The real AdwCleaner is actually free, so if you see an offer to purchase it, you can be sure that it is not the legitimate program.

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